How to Stick to Your Keto Diet on Vacation

How to Stick to Your Keto Diet on Vacation
The hardest part about following any healthy eating plan is staying on track without
your typical meal-prepping, food-planning routine. When you’re buying your own
groceries and cooking all of your own meals, it’s fairly easy to minimize temptations
and stay on track. But when you leave the comforts of your own kitchen for a new
city or country, it can be really challenging to navigate new menus. Here are some
tips on how to stick to your ketogenic diet on vacation.
Plan Ahead
Since the keto diet requires you to stay within a certain macronutrient range
(around 70-80% of your daily calories should come from fat), planning ahead is key
to staying on track. Research the food options at your destination. Scope out
restaurants and review menus to find places that offer keto-friendly choices. If
you’re headed to the beach, skip the fried seafood and opt for something steamed or
broiled. If burger joints are your family’s favorite, opt for a leaner turkey or bison
burger without the bun. Arm yourself with some go-to spots ahead of time so it’s
easier when meal time rolls around.
Pack Your Snacks
Airports are the worst when it comes to meals — questionable sushi, giant soft
pretzels, day-old sandwiches. If your trip lands you on a layover, your best bet is to
pack your favorite plane-friendly keto snacks in your carry-on. Stock up on beef
jerky, protein bars, nuts, and seeds to get you through a long flight without a hangry
meltdown. Even if you aren’t flying, having snacks on hand ensures that you’ll be
able to crush cravings and keep hunger at bay while staying committed to your keto
Stay In and Cook
Many travelers are opting out of hotels and into cozy bungalows, tree houses, and
fancy mansions thanks to the popularity of home-sharing. On your next trip, find a
place with a great kitchen and hit a local farmers’ market to stock up on your
favorite keto-friendly ingredients. Use the extra time to plan more elaborate menus,
try something that you can’t get at home, and get creative in the kitchen.
Remember that even the best-laid plans can fall through, and it’s important not to
let one or two less-than-perfect meals derail your entire life. Enjoy your vacation,
make choices that align with the lifestyle you’ve created, and don’t be afraid to
indulge a little. The beauty of the ketogenic diet is that it does allow for some
flexibility. You can skip carbs at breakfast and save them for ice cream!